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Published by on 27th March 2014

wifi thermostatWelcome to the Ultimate Smart Home!

This site is dedicated to bring you all the best wifi thermostat reviews and articles to help you find the best model and solution for you.

Why would I do this?

I am a self confessed technogeek and I LOVE  this stuff. Ever since I watched ‘The Jetsons’ as a kid I knew I wanted the house of the future. A Smart Home.

I have spent hours (and hours) online researching and analysing product reviews, product data, testimonials and instructions to ensure you don’t have to. Think of me as your own personal researcher, finding the best product for your needs.

Why choose a wifi thermostat?

So what benefits are there having a wifi thermostat in your home?

  • Energy saving and cost saving.

Heating and cooling your home is a large part of any family budget. Having a smart thermostat allows you control exactly when and how much energy you use. This makes your home energy efficient, saves you money and even helps the environment too!

  • Time saving.

Lets face it; today’s hectic life means that we never have enough time in a day to do all the things we need to do. A smart thermostat takes care of one job that once set; you don’t need to worry about again. Freeing you up to get on with more important things!

  • Elderly and disabled.

They can especially benefit from having a wifi thermostat. Products like this and other home automation solutions can really increase their quality of life. Providing them with some independence and control that would otherwise need a caregiver or even some kind hospital care.

After spending all these hours online I noticed again and again the same few common traits when someone starts to look into these wifi thermostats. They feel overwhelmed, confused and totally shell-shocked at all the different options and features. I mean, where do you start?

Wifi Thermostats are so feature rich!

  • Can you install it yourself or do you need a professional install?

  • What power supply? Wired or battery?

  • Is the interface easy to use or do you need a doctorate to understand it?

  • What kind of scheduling or programs do they have?

  • Can I control it remotely at the office/ parents/ vacation from my phone or computer?

  • Can it tell me and advise about my energy savings?

  • If something goes wrong what help and support is available?

  • And most importantly, is it any good?

wifi thermostatWell that’s why I am here! To help you through these and many other questions you may have when deciding.

Don’t think this is a new concept only seen in movies and cartoons. Heck no, in fact, one of the first patents for home automation was filed in 1898 by Nikola Tesla!

The only problem back then (even until recently) was the cost and availability…or just not that good!

Luckily for us, things have moved on a lot of late. There are now options and products available that suit any situation. No matter if you are novice, technogeek or somewhere inbetween. No matter if you are on a budget or an early adopter. There is a wifi thermostat for you!

So what are you waiting for?

Come and Explore!

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